Cisco Live 2019 Impressions

July 11, 2019

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By Dana Gertsch, Kovarus Senior Consultant

This was the first Cisco event I’ve attended for several years. My how things have changed.

I was pleased with Cisco’s announcement concerning CCIE recertification. A CCIE recertification now lasts three years rather than two. They have also introduced two new paths to attain the 120 Continuing Education credits needed for recertification. You can get more information at the Recertification Policy webpage.

I was also pleased to learn about the lifetime Emeritus tenure for CCIEs who have continuously maintained their CCIE for 20 years. While the Emeritus CCIE does not count toward company accreditations, it’s a welcome recognition for those that have maintained their certifications.

Being more of a developer these days, the DevNet content really impressed me. Not only did they offer some new DevNet certifications, but they went above and beyond when it comes to enabling those heading down that path.

They had close to a dozen DevNet classrooms and workshops running all the time. And these weren’t just deep-dive, nerd content either, they had lots of getting started sessions as well. Golang, PowerShell, Python, Ansible, and Kubernetes where just a few of the topics available.

The free development sandbox is another example of their commitment to the developer community. Signing up for the development sandbox is super quick, just a few clicks and you are in.

There are 74 labs currently available. The categories include everything from Analytics and Automation Software to Security. Want to do something with IoT, they have it.

The labs are well documented and tested. Most of them will need to be reserved, so be sure to plan accordingly.

Following is a screenshot of the ACI Kubernetes sandbox. Where else can you get 3 Kubernetes hosts and ACI environment to learn on for free?

Don’t get left behind, and don’t let scripting and automation scare you. Dive in and take advantage of the free developer learning tools Cisco has made available.

See you next year at Cisco Live in Las Vegas.

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