Upgrading VMware NSX-T 2.3.1 to 2.40

May 14, 2019

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By Dana Gertsch, Kovarus Senior Consultant

After returning from VMware EMPOWER in Atlanta I was excited to start exploring the practical application of VMware PKS Enterprise. The first step of my journey was to upgrade my VMware NSX-T environment from 2.3.1 to 2.4.0. The following highlights the process using the embedded upgrade wizard.

The first thing was to upgrade/update my VMware vSphere host to a supported version. The base vSphere 6.7U2 is not supported. Using Update Manager, I applied all the available updates and critical patches. This left me with version 6.7.0 13006603, which is supported.

The upgrade bundle is over 7 Gig, so I made sure to download to a machine in the same data center as the manager.

After logging into your manager, select System –> Utilities, then click Upgrade.

Click Proceed to Upgrade on the next page.

Next click Upload MUB file, click Browse, select your upgrade file, then click Upload.

The upload and validation will take about 10 minutes.

If all went well, you will end up with a successfully uploaded file. Click Begin Upgrade.

Accept the EULA, then click Continue to begin the upgrade.

Click Run Pre Checks on the next page.

Note and fix any reported issues.

Here, it is telling me my 2.3.1 small NSX Manager needs additional memory and vCPUs for NSX-T 2.4.

Click Start to start the Host Upgrade. Review the settings, then click Start.

The hosts will enter maintenance mode (vacating all the machines), upgrade the agents, then exit. My small 150 machine lab took about 15 minutes per host.

Upgrading the Edge Clusters and Manager is accomplished by simply clicking Start on the next couple of pages.

Review the information on the Manager node upgrade. NSX-T 2.4 Controller functions have been moved into the Management node. The old Controller(s) will not be needed after the upgrade and can be deleted when complete.

The manager will reboot after a short period. Allow it to fully boot before logging in again.

The first thing I noticed after the upgrade was the new “Advanced Networking and Security” tab in the user interface.

Clicking on View took me to the original settings from version 2.3.1.

The upgrade of my basic lab environment took about an hour, a vast improvement over past upgrades I’ve attempted.

Please feel free to contact Kovarus if you are considering upgrading your NSX-T environment to version 2.4.

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