VMworld 2018 and CloudHealth

October 30, 2018

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By Dwayne Barstad, Kovarus Senior Solutions Architect

VMworld 2018 was full of the usual product and feature releases, OEM integration and customer implementation stories, and education about core services that most VMware customers already know very well. I would not try to summarize all of the activities from the multitude of vendors or even VMware itself as it would take dozens of pages to do it justice, but I will callout the effectively adjacent announcement that I believe will have the greatest impact on VMware’s cloud story for the long term.

The opening day of the conference, August 27th, was the day that VMware announced its intent to acquire CloudHealth Technologies. CloudHealth is the largest billing, sizing and reporting management platform for AWS and Azure which provides a clear pathway for VMware to manage and cost analyze the bulk of IT virtualization and cloud services spend on the planet. The muti-cloud data aggregation and reporting provided by CloudHealth will help you and VMware rationalize workload placement in ways never before possible with VMware’s existing toolset.

VMware vRealize Business has been around for years and has tried to pull in costing models for multi-cloud but has been lacking in reach and function. The acquisition of CloudHealth will insert VMware deeper into cloud management, both internal and external, and give VMware a huge advantage when delivering seamless cost modeling and reporting across clouds. Moreover, the Governance, Security and Compliance, and container support in a multi-cloud environment will further draw VMware to the center of everything based on cloud with less lock-in than ever before.

While we wait for VMware to externalize how they will leverage CloudHealth with respect to their vRealize Business editions, taking over a 5 billion dollar spend management in VMware and third-party clouds positions them to delivery on fully rationalized internal versus external workload placement within clouds. It’d be wise to seriously consider adding the CloudHealth option when building out a cloud management strategy.

Kovarus has been a CloudHealth partner for several years and it is part of our standard public cloud managed services execution strategy. To see some of these exciting technologies in action, including CloudHealth, join us at our Kovarus Proven Solutions Center (KPSC) to see how these technologies work together and could integrate with your environment.