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Survey: Critical IT Decisions are Being Made Without Accurate Business Insight

Key Measurements & Metrics Needed to Support a Healthy IT Ecosystem Not Reliably Captured & Reviewed; Underscores Need for Back-to-Basics Approach to IT Management 

San Ramon, Calif., April 2, 2013 -- Kovarus, Inc., a leading systems integrator specializing in increasing IT efficiency by architecting and integrating business-aligned IT solutions, today announced findings from a recent survey of IT decision-makers regarding the visibility and effective utilization of IT assets. 

The survey revealed that the key measurements and metrics critical to supporting a healthy IT ecosystem are not reliably captured and reviewed. Only 38% of IT professionals surveyed specifically make their investment decisions based on true alignment and value to the business. Many critical decisions are being made without the correct business insight putting the IT department at a disadvantage with business units who have an ear to external service providers.

“Our research shows a clear need for a back-to-basics approach to transforming IT,” said Andy Lewis, CIO of Kovarus. “It is critical to first understand where you are now and how you can adapt what you have before you can effectively adopt and integrate new technology innovations. By starting with these basics, you can better align your IT decision-making to increase efficiency, reduce risk and prepare for the transformation needed for future waves of change.” 

Key survey findings include: 

The survey was conducted by TeleVerde on behalf of Kovarus. The sample included North American CIOs, IT Directors and IT Managers. 


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