What is ITaaS?

ITaaS is not a technology. ITaaS is an operating model outcome that can be achieved with careful planning and an understanding of where you are today and where you could be in the future. The business benefits in attaining the capability and maturity of an IT organization that achieves ITaaS are compelling: greater efficiencies with a high degree of flexibility and business agility are just a few. On your journey to ITaaS we constantly focus on delivering Business Aligned IT Solutions.

The Road to ITaaS

Achieving an ITaaS operating model is no simple task for anyone. We understand that although infrastructure is an important component of the equation it must be combined with enabling new methods for sourcing IT resources (via the cloud) and changing the way IT currently operates.

Our approach takes a focus on these three factors and combines the necessary efforts and solutions in each of them to deliver on the promise of IT as a Service.