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The introduction of Private, Public and Hybrid Cloud technologies is enabling a new phase of IT service delivery. IT organizations are becoming true service providers. They now have the ability to empower end users to directly and quickly request, receive, consume and be billed for IT services.

The transformation to this new operating model as a service provider is not a trivial one. To enable this transformation, a lot of analysis and planning must be done. You must also create new processes to enable proper management of this new infrastructure. Great planning and process will see you guarantee your operational readiness.

IT Strategy

Strategy Consulting

IT that thinks like a business

IT departments that go back to basics to understand clearly what they have and what they need have strong foundations.  They do the right preparation before jumping into a sea of technology hype.  Part of this preparation includes partnering with the business and closing the gap in understanding between what the IT department thinks it is and what it means to the business.  IT needs to think like a business.  One of the key enablers for any business to grow is to have the ability to market and sell its products.  These are key tenets of Kovarus’ approach to building robust, business-aligned IT solutions and organizations. As part of our Operational Readiness portfolio of advisory services, Kovarus’ Advanced Services team consults and designs custom business-aligned roadmaps and templates for business-aligned IT Initiatives.  Our team of consultants will assess and align business and IT requirements, goals and objectives and build a multi-year roadmap for IT initiatives that supports your continued success.

Visit our resource center for more on approaches to redundancy in the datacenter.

Type of Kovarus Services

  • Solution Design
  • Project Implementation and Management

IT Service Management

The people and process aspects of implementing strategic business IT initiatives of first importance

The people and process aspects of implementing strategic business IT initiatives are more important than any focus on products and/or technologies. Making operational new initiatives and incorporating them into an organization’s daily management and support infrastructure leads directly to financial or operational returns.

Our IT Service Management (ITSM) practice benefits from our combined experience in the implementation of frameworks such as ITIL and COBIT and our technology partners to develop processes that align solutions with customer business requirements, not products.

Key Requirements

  • Streamlining IT processes to support transforming IT into a Service Provider
  • Building and integrating the service desk to provide a centralized location to track requests and assets
  • Connecting the dots between people, processes and technology to reduce risk, improve responsiveness to business needs and delivering services to the business
  • Aligning IT processes with the ITIL framework to ensure efficiency and consistency

ITSM Solutions Offering

  • Process optimization
  • Service Desk
  • IT Transformation
  • Process Optimization

Business Assurance

meet and underpin KPI's

Our business assurance suite of services helps IT plan to meet and underpin the businesses’ key performance indicators.

Operational Effectiveness

deliver, align, improve

Cloud technologies are enabling a new phase of IT service delivery but also heightened user expectations from clients used to a consumer grade IT experience of rapid performance and everything-on-demand. Our operational effectiveness services are focused on delivering agile methodologies, cross-functional alignment and continuous improvements to IT, development and the business.


Before you deploy, Kovarus can work with you

Before you deploy, Kovarus can work with you to design reference architectures for IT solutions related to your specific business processes. Reference Architectures: Proven solutions designs that illustrate the arrangement of technology components as they relate to the business processes; Awareness Generation: Supplementing your team’s knowledge of the capabilities and configurations of technology, helping to develop intelligence around the business, policies and tying everything together through operational intelligence.

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