Business Enablement


DevOps Optimization

Challenge: Lengthy release cycles inhibit ability to bring new features and improvements to market quickly.

Solution: Developed a detailed strategy for a CI/CD enabled transformation.

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Media and Entertainment Company

Challenge: Create a better customer experience and get products released faster.

Solution: Build a private cloud and integrate new systems with legacy systems.

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El Camino Hospital

Challenge: Streamline and optimize delivery of desktops and applications; improve access and workflows; ensure compliance and patient desktop virtualization & centralized application deployment; data security.

Solution: Deploy virtual desktops and "Follow Me” solution for desktop and mobile users.

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Cloud Automation & Management


Leading Provider of Online Collaboration and Conferencing

Challenge: Update or replace a home-grown, unsupported infrastructure provisioning portal used to shorten the IT response time of customer support engagements.

Solution: Designed a new enterprise-supported and customizable system, built it out in identical pods for the client’s five worldwide data centers, and customized each environment for local requirements.

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Nationwide Healthcare Distribution Company

Challenge: Multiple business units using cloud providers and outdated legacy technologies.

Solution: Create a comprehensive cloud service catalog for all enterprise cloud resources; create data-driven approach to placing applications on the right cloud, based on requirements.

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Enterprise & Operation Management


Employment Development Department State of California (EDD)

Challenge: Strengthen data center network security; streamline IT service delivery; support legacy software; educate and train data center staff.Solution: Deploy VMware NSX; manage support including 24/7 phone and remote assistance; provide onsite education and training.

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Infrastructure Optimization



Challenge: Need high-performance computing (HPC) infrastructure and transition mission-critical resources to a new data center.

Solution: Build private cloud with HPC infrastructure; manage support including 24x7 phone and remote assistance.

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Online Storefront for leading retail brand

Challenge: Constrained access to mission-critical development resources; delayed turnaround of urgently needed website enhancements; private cloud resource provisioning.

Solution: Build a private cloud, self-service request and provisioning system; comprehensive solution training and documentation.

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