Cloud Automation & Management

Cloud Automation & Management

The maturation of cloud management technologies is bringing the software-defined data center and zero-touch infrastructure closer to reality every day. While cloud management platforms have evolved dramatically, implementing them is no trivial matter. Layering on automation and orchestration and third-party device integrations to enable the deployment of multiple systems and their network services in a single operation introduce additional complexities. Kovarus has extensive experience bringing the cloud into new environments, or extending its capabilities where cloud management platforms already exist.

Service Catalog
The Service Catalog represents the portfolio of resources available to IT consumers and largely determines the usability of your cloud. A good Service Catalog focuses on providing services consumers want measured against the value they provide to your business. It’s a logical concept, but putting it into practice requires sound methodology and a framework that facilitates informed decision-making. Kovarus’ Service Catalog management framework helps ensure that your cloud delivers maximum value. Our approach involves analysis of existing service portfolio management processes and results in a comprehensive framework for effectively managing your Service Catalog, its offerings, and their accessibility.

  • Services Catalog Management Frameworks

Automation & Orchestration
The driver behind better, faster, and more efficient IT is Automation and Orchestration — key components in our cloud strategy. When considering the design and implementation of IT services, companies must keep in mind their cloud computing framework and the complexities involved. A comprehensive solution must include means for reducing human interactions, provisioning services, automating and integrating service requests, and optimizing costs and performance. Kovarus has the expertise to bring all these elements together into a comprehensive cloud automation solution.

  • Cloud & Configuration Management
  • Cloud Management Platform
  • Configuration Management

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Cloud Management
A cloud management platform is the key to creating large-scale environments that can provide self-service access, multi-tenancy isolation, policy enforcement, consumption metering, and financial reporting. To unlock these benefits requires the consideration of many factors, including networking, security, governance, Service Catalog items, and more. Kovarus cloud management services mitigate risk and help ensure a successful progression to a cloud-enabled environment. Our services are tailored for today’s leading cloud management technologies and involve use-case discovery, requirements definition, architecture, implementation, validation, documentation, and hand-off.

  • Design & Deploy Services for Cloud Management – Private Cloud Edition
  • Design & Deploy Services for Cloud Management – Public Add-On

Container Management
Many companies are adopting a hybrid infrastructure approach where compute, network, and storage resources are self-hosted, co-located, or positioned on one or more public clouds. Each environment typically leverages a different technology stack, making it difficult to move applications and services across platforms due to their different hypervisors, APIs, and management systems. However, with the maturation of software container technology and its abstraction capabilities, Kovarus can now seamlessly deploy services with little regard for differences in underlying technologies. This simplifies operations and enables workloads to be routed dynamically to leverage cost, capacity, and performance advantages in real time. Kovarus offers solutions and services to help you take advantage of this new approach to service deployment and management.

  • Architecture Services for Container Management
  • Docker Implementation Services
  • Mesosphere Implementation Services