Enterprise & Operations Management

Enterprise & Operations Management

Adoption of cloud technologies, either internally or externally, involves a technology shift as well as an operational one. These highly distributed, multi-tenant, on-demand environments require an agile approach and robust management tools capable of handling complex operational challenges. Kovarus offers solutions to help you unlock new capabilities and adapt to a changing IT landscape.

Cloud Operations
Implementing cloud services requires careful research and planning. Many organizations put tremendous focus on technology, but fail to account for the operational transformation required to support cloud-based service delivery. Providing self-service access to resources in a multi-tenant environment requires a different way of thinking where Operations must act like a cloud operator and a service provider. Kovarus can help you assess your operational capabilities and identify gaps, and by tailoring best practices to the unique characteristics of your environment, deliver a roadmap for making the shift to cloud a painless journey.

  • Cloud Operations Roadmap Services
  • Cloud Operations Framework Services

Identity Access & Management (IAM)
Identity and access management is a constantly evolving challenge. Traditional IT needed to focus only on managing user access to internal platforms and services. Now, with the ubiquitous adoption of cloud computing, platforms and services are no longer 100% on premise. From both an IT and end-user perspective, managing multiple user accounts and passwords is a pain. Fortunately, we now have advanced identity and access management (IAM) solutions that enable us to centrally manage the user experience for the hybrid enterprise. These new solutions enable single sign-on so you only have to remember one username and password and include an easy-to-use service catalog so you don’t have to keep track of URLs for enterprise applications. In addition to the benefits of centralized identity management and single sign-on, these new platforms can also integrate with multifactor authentication (MFA). Integrated MFA is essential for streamlined user access while dramatically increasing business security. Kovarus solutions allow you to centrally manage user provisioning to ensure that users have access to the right applications at the right time.

  • Design & Deploy Services for IAM

Logging & Analytics
All IT systems generate log data. Whether it pertains to user access and command history or system health, we largely ignore it — until there’s a problem. Today’s increasing IT footprint generates more and more data, and the affordability of modern storage allows us to retain it, thus improving our ability to detect and resolve issues. Storage, however, is the easy part. The challenge arises in finding the data you need to thoroughly investigate an event and determine the root cause of a problem. Kovarus simplifies the introduction of logging and analytics through architecture, implementation, and customization services.

  • Design & Deploy Services for Logging & Analytics