Infrastructure Optimization

Infrastructure Optimization

Infrastructure hardware is the foundation upon which applications and services are built and delivered. Whether maintaining a private data center or leveraging public cloud resources, we strive to get the most out of our infrastructure. Kovarus develops solutions that best serve the needs of the business and deliver maximum value from your investments. Whether optimizing private infrastructure or avoiding waste in the public cloud, Kovarus offers technologies and services to right-size your environment, all while minimizing the cost.

Data Center Infrastructure
Virtualizing servers is just the starting point for unleashing your data center. Implementing a private cloud empowers you to virtualize it entirely, making IT services as affordable and easy to manage as virtual machines. Kovarus’ technical team is cross-certified in a variety of disciplines and understands how to integrate each technology component to ensure a successful private cloud implementation.

The storage landscape is quickly changing as solid-state disks become more affordable and capacities continue to grow, all of which fuels our ability to store ever-increasing amounts of data. To take advantage of these advances requires not only acquiring new storage platforms, but also adapting existing architectures to ensure alignment of new capabilities with current business objectives. Kovarus leverages best-of-breed technologies and services to ensure storage investments are deployed optimally and always based on your specific business needs.

  • Design & Deploy Services for Storage

Computing & Virtualization
Virtualization empowers IT organizations to consolidate and encapsulate business workloads while reducing hardware expenditures. Consolidating hardware means you need fewer servers in your data center, which means you spend less on hardware and maintenance, and less on energy for power and cooling. At its core, virtualization brings infrastructure optimization to light and empowers IT to operate as “one” through converged operations.

  • Design & Deploy Services for Computing & Virtualization

Software-defined Networking (SDN)
Software-defined networking (SDN) is ushering in a new era for the network. By moving edge-networking functions into software, benefits such as granular security and programmatically controlled traffic flow are enabling elements like firewall and load balancing rules to be as agile as the cloud resources they support. SDN is getting us closer to the zero-touch data center, but like the cloud, it requires precise planning, architecture, configuration, and validation. Kovarus offers services to accelerate evaluation and simplify production adoption of SDN technologies from today’s leading vendors.

  • SDN Design
  • SDN Deployment

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Standardization of IT infrastructure can lead to substantial cost savings and more reliable operations. As IT organizations make the transition to cross-functional, solutions-driven teams, your ability to satisfy user demands increasingly will depend on information systems that are adaptive and responsive. Hyper-converged solutions streamline technology delivery and operational processes by radically simplifying infrastructure complexity and reducing management costs. Working with IT, Kovarus drives to identify and standardize building blocks for various converged IT functions that are common across your business.

  • Design & Deploy Services for Converged Infrastructure

Data Protection
A company’s data is one of its most valuable assets and must be protected with confidence. You need to ensure that your data is not only backed up reliably, consistently, and completely, but that it can be recovered just as reliably at any time. A solid solution must take into account an environment’s unique considerations, such as backup windows and replication vs. backup traffic. Kovarus offers a variety of services to deliver solutions that align with your specific business needs — from discovery and understanding of data types, to target information, retention values, recovery requirements, and more.

  • Design & Deploy Services for Data Protection

Data Migration
Technology refresh is a natural event in the IT space, especially in enterprise storage. But when refreshes occur, data on legacy systems needs to be copied onto replacements and migrated properly. Our proven approach considers items such as outage windows, data types and amounts, network bandwidth and latency, and source and target capabilities, all which drive migration planning and tool specification. Kovarus has extensive experience identifying the requirements of various storage environments to determine the right approach and tools needed to ensure a successful migration with the lowest impact and risk.

  • Data Migration Services

The network may be the most critical element of your IT infrastructure. Complex environments in larger, multi-site enterprises often have separate networks for different traffic types and security requirements, resulting in a tangle of many networks assembled over the course of many years. Kovarus offers network services that help you document your network and show you where improvements can be made. We also offer architecture and implementation services for redesigning existing environments, introducing new network technologies, or launching a new office, data center, or other major upgrade.

  • Design & Deploy Services for Networking
  • Site Survey for Wireless Networks

Rack on Demand
Rack on Demand simplifies material sourcing, assembly, testing, troubleshooting, and documentation for new infrastructure purchases. By eliminating on-site installation, we cut lead times, and reduce risk through streamlined verification of components. Kovarus procures the required components, which are then shipped to our facility where integration and basic testing is performed. After the equipment passes burn-in testing it is shipped to your location. Kovarus also provides advanced architecture, design, and engineering services to complement the predictable and consistent delivery of integrated racks.

  • Design & Deploy Services for Rack on Demand

Public Cloud
In one form or another, most businesses are now utilizing a public cloud provider, and usage is increasing dramatically year after year. However, maximizing IT services with a public cloud is often a daunting task, which means it can also be an expensive experiment. There are many advantages for cloud-native apps, key among them the ability to adjust infrastructure based on business demand. Delivering Business Aligned IT Solutions utilizing public cloud services requires deep knowledge and experience. From best-in-class cloud architecture to automation and delivery, Kovarus has what it takes to turn a costly experiment into a cost-cutting reality.

  • Architecture Services for Public Cloud