How Technology can Support Governments and Businesses through the Coronavirus Pandemic

September 15, 2020

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By Craig Ledo, Kovarus VP of Marketing

As the world wrestles with the Coronavirus, governments and businesses are under pressure unlike anything we have ever seen. Daily measures, plans and protocols are being put in place, but are constantly changing in reaction to the impact of the Coronavirus.

Keeping Infrastructure Running

Business routines have been massively disrupted with a huge spike in remote working. This unprecedented demand is seeing network systems crash or online companies suspend business temporarily. In addition to the human, business and cultural strain, the impact of the coronavirus is putting significant pressure on IT.

Technology Can Help

Government departments and businesses must be able to mobilize people and resources, share data and facilitate the movement of information or goods. Technology doesn’t have all the answers for this, but it can help. It’s not something all businesses in this situation are able to do because the technology isn’t in place, but that’s something that can be addressed.

Leveraging the Cloud

This is where a hybrid cloud can help. The hybrid cloud enables teams and organizations to get access to IT resources, services and applications and view all this through one pane of glass. This is important because it provides the visibility to ensure resources can be moved as needed. It also means applications can be developed quickly and securely.

Digital workspaces, all enabled through software, can give workers access to their applications, securely through a single login allowing them to deliver services remotely.

Turning to the cloud means that organizations don’t have to deal with the complexity of getting additional resources into the data center to scale-up infrastructure or increase network bandwidth. It’s just a connection to a data center with the overall performance delivered out of the cloud. Virtualized Windows desktops and applications can then effectively be delivered to any device, anytime. Similarly, organizations can quickly tap into the hybrid cloud at a click of a button through services such as VMware Cloud (VMC) on AWS providing a bridge to their private cloud and public cloud, with consistent security, management and operations, and scale up and down for the duration of the time needed. 

Kovarus Can Help

Kovarus can help your business scale, be responsive and provide solutions securely. Intrinsic security is vital, without this, speed and scale are pointless.

Today isn’t the time to be thinking of tomorrow’s IT requirements. But it is the time to look at what can be done to help solve the biggest challenge the world has faced in many generations.

Let us know if your team needs help implementing cloud technology solutions. Kovarus has a team of certified Architects and Engineers that can quickly work with your team to implement cloud technology solutions. If you would like to continue this discussion or learn more about how we can assist, please feel free to reach out to Kovarus via email at or call us at 1.800.454.1585.

Looking to learn more about modernizing and automating IT? We created the Kovarus Proven Solutions Center (KPSC) to let you see what’s possible and learn how we can help you succeed. To learn more about the KPSC go to the KPSC page.

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