The Journey to Digital Transformation

October 6, 2020

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By Craig Ledo, Kovarus VP of Marketing

In our rapidly expanding digital world, digital transformation is essential for every type of business. Yet research indicates that companies continue to struggle with how to digitally transform.

The Struggle Is Real

Traditional IT is about managing big ecosystems of technology that have been stitched together over many years. For those with legacy technology, transformation is vital to the future.

Digital transformation is not just about technology. New technology alone won’t necessarily deliver the outcomes intended. Achieving transformation requires the strategic evolution of your IT organization across your people, process and technologies.

To support our customers through their digital transformations, we are sharing our learnings and progress through blogs like this.

Kovarus helps organizations modernize and automate IT and service delivery by using a direct, simplified and streamlined approach to quickly design, develop, iterate and deliver new products, services and capabilities.

Taking the First Step

At Kovarus, we help organizations identify the outcomes needed by their business. Then, with those in mind, we develop a vision, plan and methodology to get to those outcomes.

Many IT projects are executed and finished. Then, you start over on something else that can be entirely unrelated. The reality is that by the time these IT projects finish, you probably didn’t achieve the business outcomes you wanted or what the end user needed. This results in a lot of wasted effort, rework and ultimately re-planning.

If you wait until you have a perfect plan for every step, you will never transform. Kovarus can help you take that first step toward digital transformation.

Adapting as We Go

Every time we take a step forward, we learn something, which we then use to inform our next steps. It’s clearer with every step forward that the digital transformation journey will never end because the world continues to change. What’s important is that we learn and adapt. Specifically, we need to change direction along the path based on what we learn from fast feedback loops with direct user interaction and small changes in an agile process. Ultimately, we’re incurring less risk and getting the result the business wants and solving the problems the user needs to be solved. This approach will yield a lot of projects that will start and finish, but the transformational process will never end. You should always be transforming.

Kovarus Can Help

Kovarus can help your business on this digital transformation journey. Let us know if your team needs help with infrastructure optimization, cloud automation or application delivery solutions. Kovarus has a team of certified Architects and Engineers that can work with your team to quickly implement these solutions. If you would like to continue this discussion or learn more about how we can assist, please feel free to reach out to Kovarus via email at or call us at 1.800.454.1585.

Looking to learn more about modernizing and automating IT? We created the Kovarus Proven Solutions Center (KPSC) to let you see what’s possible and learn how we can help you succeed. To learn more about the KPSC go to the KPSC page.

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