VMworld 2018 – For Automation Engineers

December 18, 2018

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By Steven Carnes, Kovarus, Senior Development Consultant

VMworld never fails to amaze at the amount of content to consume during its riveting 4 to 5-day length. Among the many product reveals, vendor sessions, breakout sessions, and interactive events, most attendees can find sessions that surround topics in which they care most about and find the most value within.

With that being said, it can also be acknowledged that in some areas, such as Automation Engineering, the amount of sessions offered did have some room to increase.

This year’s VMworld did not disappoint and offered much more content in the area of Automation Engineering than it has in previous years.

Benefits of Automation

Before we go into further detail, let’s take a moment to discuss what Automation means from the perspective of an Automation Engineer.

Automation as well as Orchestration is the concept of improving processes that would otherwise consume large amounts of time and effort to complete. In some cases, through the user of Automation scripting, a process that takes 2 hours to complete could theoretically be shrank down to 1 to 5 minutes in some cases.

A quick summary of some of the largest benefits of Automation are:

  • Lowered cost
  • Improved service quality
  • Improved speed to deployment

VMworld 2018 — For Automation Engineers

As stated above, this year was rich with sessions covering topics that matter most to Automation Engineers. This looks to be a sign of a great and bright future in the Automation space. It shows that more focus is being placed on the values that this can provide.

Some examples of the topics that these sessions covered were:

  • PowerCLI — a Windows PowerShell interface for managing VMware vSphere
  • Python — Scripting Automation Solutions against vSphere Automation SDK
  • Red Hat Ansible Tower Integration
  • RESTFul APIs for vSphere

It cannot be said enough that Automation and Orchestration can play a key role in improving the quality of service as well as the bottom line for any that embrace it. This is a key reason as to why it is so refreshing to see more content provided during an event such as VMworld, and evident here is the sheer number of options that vendors such as VMware are making available to engineers to leverage.

Looking to the future of Automation, it looks to be bright indeed!