VMworld 2019 – Automation, Containers, and Code!

November 12, 2019

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Steven Carnes, Kovarus, Sr. Development Consultant

Last year in my VMworld 2018 blog (found here), I spoke about an increase of sessions dedicated to Automation Engineers as their main audience. I can say, without a doubt, that this year was even bigger!

In this article I wanted to showcase some of the sessions I found that highlight where the world of Automation is heading. VMworld did not disappoint and I hope you will join me in exploring what they had to offer this year.

Before we continue, I did want to take some time to define a couple of concepts that occur in these VMware sessions for those that may not already be familiar.


Automation as well as orchestration exist in order to assist any organization in improving their processes and lower needed effort or time for their completion. In theory, through the use of these concepts, you could reduce something that took several hours to only a few minutes.

The largest benefits of automation and orchestration are lowered cost, improved service quality, and improved speed to deployment, amongst many others.


“A container is a standard unit of software that packages up code and all its dependencies, so the application runs quickly and reliably from one computing environment to another.” (“What is a Container?” (n.d.).)

As seen here, a container in its most basic definition is software that allows us to package up code for an application and all its dependencies so that we can run that software quickly and reliably.

In addition to this, containers can be managed by orchestrators which add additional benefits such as:

  • Scalability
  • Redundancy and availability of containers.
  • Automated provisioning and deployment of containers
  • Load balancing and service discovery
  • Health monitoring

Continue reading to discover how containers and their orchestration has been touched on in these sessions.


As stated, this year was chock full of great sessions offered by the VMware Code teams ranging in subjects from VMware Horizon and Kubernetes to SDKs and OpenAPI. I wanted to highlight a few of the sessions I feel pave the way for large innovations in the future.

CODE2216U — The Art of Code That Writes Code

This session covers a few different subjects all pertaining to the RESTful APIs that are available in VMware’s products.

In addition to this, the presenter, Kyle Ruddy demonstrates how easy it is to consume these APIs by generating code for them using the following tools:

I encourage everyone to take a look at this session, as I have found it a great place to start when working with these APIs.

The use of each of these APIs can open up a world of possibilities for your organization to further interact with these products.

CODE2219U — Python 101 for the vAdmin

This session was also offered last year at VMworld 2018 but as you will see, this session is a continuation of that session.

The presenters, Cody De Arkland and Kyle Ruddy, do a great job here of discussing how Python has become the language of choice for Infrastructure Management as well as web development.

If you are starting out, or even if you are already familiar with Python, this session has great value as the presenters dig into multiple code samples. They even show us what tools they currently use, which may be helpful to most that are just starting out.

I highly suggest a viewing of this session, even if you are only pondering the use of Python in your environment. This session will show you how easy it is to get started.

CODE1172UR — The Genius of Kubernetes

I recommend this session if you are at all interested in Kubernetes as container orchestrator. This session, by presenter Richard Lander, is a great dive into what Kubernetes does and how it does it.

I found this enlightening whether you are a Kubernetes pro or a beginner and recommend anyone to check this short session out.

Conclusion — Next Steps and Resources

As you can see, there were a plethora of subjects available in the Engineering space at this year’s VMworld. You are now ready to go out and explore these sessions further and discover the many ways these subjects can help you modernize and optimize your IT organization.

To view these sessions and pursue them further, refer to HERE. This will link to a grid that contains links to either “Stream” (will need a my.vmworld.com login) or “Download” (no login needed) all of the sessions that are available online. Credit to William Lam of VMware for putting this list together.

For Further Assistance

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If you are interested in discussing any of the subjects in this article further as it pertains to your organization, please reach out to us at our CONTACT page and we would be happy to discuss ways in which these solutions can help your business.



What is a Container? (n.d.). Retrieved from https://www.docker.com/resources/what-container

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