Virtualization and Cloud Practice

Private and Public Cloud

cloud solutions take a consultative lead approach

Adopting any kind of cloud solutions impacts all the aspects of the business and IT from a people, process, technology, and measurements standpoint. Kovarus cloud solutions take a consultative lead approach to assist our customers by developing a roadmap and to successfully rollout ITaaS solutions.

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Kovarus Can Help

  • Service Catalog: self-service and service assurance
  • Cloud Onboarding: bring users into the cloud in the right, controlled way
  • Cost to Serve: compare options fully before jumping further into cloud
  • Orchestration & Automation (IaaS & PaaS): Make sure everything works together and enables your development and operations teams to close any gaps between them
  • Hybrid Cloud: Provide resources on demand with architectural flexibility and service predictability.

Kovarus helps you make informed decisions about your private, public and hybrid cloud options so that you can deploy the right cloud options that you control, with success.

Hyper Convergence

Hyper-Converged solutions are software defined

Unlike Converged infrastructures where each component is designed and built as part of entire physical appliance, Hyper-Converged solutions are software defined. The storage, network, and compute layers are all provided at the physical server layer and managed as logical – software-defined – services within a defined cluster.

Management of the Hyper-Converged solution is integrated and cohesive. These software-defined solutions are typically beneficial in supporting specific or single use cases, such as virtual desktop infrastructures, remote offices, development or test environments and some private cloud solutions.

End-user computing

Two Primary Drivers of Modern IT: Access to and ability to make use of data and applications

Access to and ability to make use of data and applications are the two primary drivers behind all modern IT. They are at the very core of Business and IT alignment. The modern workforce needs access to relevant applications and information from any location, on any device at any time.

Kovarus proven solutions are designed to improve end user computing management, application distribution and user management to provide a rich and consistent experience for the consumers.

Kovarus Can Help

  • Improve accessibility and data availability through content delivery
  • Enhance security and data integrity with ‘connect and protect’ capabilities
  • Decrease the overall cost to serve by enabling mobile solutions

Bursting at the Seams

From the blog: It’s easy to get caught up in the hype, so the best thing to do is stop, take a step back and think about the basics.

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Kovarus Case Study

Open source cloud transition creates automated and responsive engineering environment – a Kovarus case study

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Considering the Cloud

Convincing your company that the IT department is the best place to manage the use of cloud and compete for the delivery of cloud services is critical.

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