Global Logistics

With companies operating globally, the need to increase supply chain visibility, reduce risk, improve velocity and reduce costs requires a company to perform functions such as consultation on packaging and transportation, freight quoting, financial settlement, auditing, tracking, customer service and issue resolution. Kovarus Global Logistics services has done this for some of the largest Fortune 500 customers. Specifically, the Kovarus Logistics and Integration Center is a multipurpose facility that configures, tests, validates and assimilates solutions prior to shipping.

Global Logistics

What’s in it for Your Business?

Pre-approve all goods within 24-48 hours in order to avoid customs delays (if no permit is required)

Provide importer of record services and act as the local consignee

Ensure smooth and seamless implementations

Reduce costs and eliminate wasted setup time

Deliver technology with maximum predictability


Prepare shipping documents and execute shipments

Send advanced ship notifications (ASNs) including estimated delivery dates, carrier tracking, serial numbers

Track shipments from pickup to final delivery, provide proof of delivery (POD)

Eliminate custom clearance because we are registered in over 130 countries

Create custom shipment reports by location

Tax Recovery

Apply for refunds on our clients’ behalf

Ensure shipping document compliance and accuracy to enable tax recovery in Europe, Australia and Japan

Kovarus, in addition to the U.S., covers Australia, Canada, Europe (Northern & Western), Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore. And, we have in country partners that cover the rest of the world.

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  • In country partners