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Kovarus Builds the Foundation for IT Transformation

With decades of real-world experience and a proven track record of success, we help organizations modernize and automate IT and service delivery. Leveraging deep engineering expertise, we’re able to weave together multiple vendors and technologies, to deliver modern, practical solutions. We help businesses simplify the decision-making process as they develop next-generation operating models optimized for modular design, multi-cloud environments, advanced automation, and application delivery. But, modernizing and automating IT is complicated.

So where do you start? We created the Kovarus Proven Solutions Center (KPSC) to let you see what’s possible and learn how we can help you succeed.

Where do you want to go?

What are your options?

And how do you get there?

Start your journey with a few basic questions:

What would you like IT to do for your business that it can’t do today?

Are any operational improvements easily within reach?

What strategy and technologies are best suited to meet your business requirements?

How do you transition business operations into the cloud?

How do you architect hybrid or multi-cloud environments?

Can you integrate a cloud service catalog with your current systems?

Which metrics should you use to gauge DevOps results, and where should you start?

Kovarus Executive Briefings & Solution Workshops

Kovarus Executive Briefings help you determine which solution is appropriate for accomplishing your goals, including a roadmap to deliver concrete results — all while maximizing your existing IT investments.

At a Kovarus Solution Workshop our technical experts illustrate how today’s advanced solutions can transform or optimize your IT environment, whether on-premises or in the cloud (public, private, hybrid/multi). Our experienced professionals will update you on the latest innovative technologies, including DevOps, SDN, automation, orchestration, etc. — plus how the latest technologies can be integrated and deployed to accomplish your goals.

Kovarus Solution Areas & Demonstrations

Kovarus Solution Demonstrations gives you a hands-on experience so you can try before you buy and better understand the advantages of integrating new technologies into your environment. After you identify what’s appropriate for your business needs, you’ll receive ongoing training throughout the evaluation process to help you hit the ground running.

Application Delivery

Application centric strategy to leverage resources across all infrastructure, to deliver transformative capabilities to the business and enable IT to easily adopt new and emerging technology.

  • What We Do:
    • Optimize team collaboration
    • Enable PaaS
    • Help adopt modern & emerging services
      • How We Do It:
        • Build automation pipelines
        • Containerize workloads
        • Create container platforms as a service
          • Focused On:
            • PaaS
            • DevOps
            • Platform Insights
Cloud Automation

Platform to automate and reduce manual work, with the processes and tools to streamline IT operations and become a services broker for the business.

  • What We Do:
    • Create consistent infrastructure operations
    • Design integrated repeatable services
    • Embrace a multi-cloud operating model
      • How We Do It:
        • Optimize configuration management & orchestration
        • Create self-service automated infrastructure deployment
        • Deploy Infrastructure as Code (IaC)
          • Focused On:
            • Security
            • Public Cloud
            • Hybrid/Multi-Cloud
Infrastructure Optimization

Foundation for simplifying and standardizing data center, edge, and cloud infrastructure, with enhanced performance, availability, & scalability.

  • What We Do:
    • Consolidate data center operations
    • Standardize on infrastructure
    • Achieve economic optimization
      • How We Do It:
        • Multi-vendor integration
        • Modern infrastructure
        • Improve availability, data protection & governance
          • Focused On:
            • Data Center
            • Private Cloud
            • Edge