RANSOMWARE: Are You Prepared?

Tuesday, April 7th, 2020

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Join Kovarus & Dell Technologies for this informative webinar as we dive into the threat, prevention and recovery of cyber-attacks. Whether it is phishing, ransomware or insider attacks, the sophistication and intensity of modern cyber threats can be difficult to keep up with. In fact, attacks are routinely targeting back-up systems — even “secure” back-ups. Are you modernizing your cyber-resilience strategy with technology that adapts to the ever-changing approaches of modern attacks?

How are you leveraging the Cloud for your Data Protection workloads? Do you need a secondary site for off-site copies of you most critical data? What is your disaster recovery plan? Learn more about native cloud-integration data protection, disaster recovery and long-term retention in the cloud.

In this seminar, experts will address:

Cyber Recovery and Ransomware Protection:

  • Fresh insights and perspectives of cyber assailants strategies and the tools they employ
  • What a strategy to reduce cyber risk and use of security as a a business enabler looks like
  • How to identify and address the very real threat of cyber-attacks
  • Improve your chances of successfully recovering from a cyber-attack, quickly
  • What solutions and services are available to help your business keep its most valuable data secure
  • Data Protection, Disaster Recovery and Long-Term Retention in the cloud:

Managing data protection for in-cloud workloads

  • Utilizing the Cloud for your Disaster Recovery needs
  • LTR to the Cloud
  • Leveraging Cloud to minimize you’re your data protection cloud costs
  • Live demo of Disaster Recovery interface


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