Reduce time-to-market with complete rack integration

We partner with our customers to deliver fully integrated and tested systems while managing multi-vendor supply chains, inventory management, and timelines. By eliminating on-site installation, we cut lead times and reduce risk through simplified verification of components. As part of the custom system integration and testing Kovarus also provides advanced architecture, design, and engineering services to complement predictable and consistent integrated rack delivery. Find out more.


Supply Chain &


Integration & Testing


Delivery & Quality


1. Kovarus procures required components

2. Components ship to integration facility

3. Integration and testing

4. Fully integrated rack ships to customer

Predictable and consistent integrated rack delivery.
We make it easy for you.

The Kovarus Approach

Material Sourcing

Servers, racks, and accessories

Cables and cords

Crates, pallets, custom sheet metal


Rack and stack

Cabling and labelling

Third-party equipment integration

Node assembly/rework

Testing & Troubleshooting

Multi-vendor compatibility

Full rack burn-in and grind

Validation to QA procedures

Packing to customer requirements


RCF: Asset files for each rack

Validation logs for each rack

Real-time inventory reports

As-built photo documentation

Local partner & local resources

Vendor agnostic approach — the correct architecture to meet your specific needs

Ability to verify equipment builds before shipment

Simplified, single shipment of verified and inventoried components

Capable of bringing to bear advanced services around architecture & design

Utility model available to mitigate capacity planning issues

Predictable and consistent integrated rack delivery