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Challenge: Need to drive innovation and efficiency into their development process with a requirement for robust testing.

Solution: Build private cloud platform facilitating consistent development environments.

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El Camino Hospital

Challenge: Streamline and optimize delivery of desktops and applications; improve access and workflows; ensure compliance and patient desktop virtualization & centralized application deployment; data security.

Solution: Deploy virtual desktops and “Follow Me” solution for desktop and mobile users.

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On-Boarding Efficiency Promotes Private Cloud-as-a-Service Growth

A Cloud Enablement case study from the/ healthcare industry.

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Comprehensive IT Environment Redesign: California DFEH

Operational Readiness for the public sector

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The RMS Private Cloud

Infrastructure Optimization for a consulting firm

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Virtualization and Disaster Recovery: Exchange Bank

Infrastructure Optimization in the financial services industry

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Data Center Migration: Telecom Case Study

An Infrastructure Optimization case study from the telecommunications industry

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A Virtualized Approach to Disaster Recovery: Simpson Strong-Tie

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