Designing an effective solution depends on the approach taken to get there. At Kovarus we start by clarifying your business objectives and detailing the benefits of the new technologies, how those benefits will be accessed, and by whom. These are the attributes that make up the solution’s use cases and its objectives. From the use cases come requirements, sometimes hundreds. Our methodology ensures that they are catalogued and accounted for at each step of the architecting process. The resulting logical and physical designs serve as blueprints for configuring your solution:

  • Discover – Develop use cases and requirements in tight collaboration with your team
  • Assess – Obtain a deep understanding of current workflows, processes, and capabilities in order to identify the right path to implementation
  • Plan – Define the roles, responsibilities, activities, and logical design that will serve as a foundation for your solution


From straightforward hardware installations to highly sophisticated cloud management platforms, all implementations vary in their complexity. During the build phase Kovarus focuses not only on configuring the technology per design, but also testing it to ensure it meets its use-case requirements as intended. Executing a test and validation plan and incorporating iterative corrections ensures that the solution is complete and bug free before it moves to production:

  • Implement – Build, configure, and create documentation of the physical components based on the logical design and environment specifics
  • Test – Develop test plans aligned with use cases and system requirements
  • Validate – Execute testing to identify gaps and remediate them, and retest iteratively until the solution is proven to meet its stated objectives


Once validated, the solution or environment is ready for hand off. Kovarus ensures a smooth transition. To successfully run it over the long haul requires a solid understanding of the technologies involved as well as complete documentation should challenges arise. We provide collaborative workshop sessions designed to answer every question. And for more complex deployments, we also offer on-site residency to further ensure a smooth transition through ongoing support and customization.

  • Document – Finalize the design, build, and test documentation, and develop basic operating guides
  • Transfer – Review the deployed solution and its associated documentation with multiple Q&A workshops to ensure complete personnel coverage
  • Operate – Provide interim operational support and continued customization services as needed via on-site residency